Phi Beta Kappa Alpha of California 125th Anniversary Honor Roll

During the academic year 2023–2024, as part of its celebration of the 125th anniversary of its charter in 1898, Alpha of California attempted to spread the word about special events and also to invite members of Phi Beta Kappa connected to the Berkeley campus to self-identify through an online form. Our appeals did not reach as many as we had hoped, so this Honor Roll is not a complete reflection of the presence of Phi Beta Kappa members in our community. In particular, the faculty listing is predominantly retired faculty, while the active faculty are underreported, and the roster of current graduate student members is also probably not indicative.

The induction dates of those on the list span eight decades: 19 from the 1950s, 50 from the 1960s, 89 from the 1970s, 38 from the 1980s, 34 from the 1990s, 13 from the 2000s, 19 from the 2010s, and 16 from the 2020s.

We thank all who participated in marking this milestone of Alpha of California!

FACULTY/RETIRED FACULTY (* indicates a member inducted at Berkeley; ** indicates Honorary Member of Alpha of California)

Norma Alarcon, Women and Gender Studies and Chicanx Studies
Ronelle Alexander, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Georjana Barnes, MCB
Brian Gregory Baumann, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Susan M Biglieri*, School of Business
Victoria E. Bonnell, Sociology
Khiara M. Bridges, Law  (125th Anniversary Lecturer)
George W. Chang, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology
Carol Christ, English (Chancellor)
John Hamilton Clark, Chemistry
Thomas Warren Cline*, Biochemistry
Lawrence Mark Cohen, Anthropolgy, SSEAS
Frederick Conrad Collignon Jr., City and Regional Planning
Bridget Connelly, Rhetoric
Andrea A. diSessa, School of Education
Robert Dister, Optometry
Mary Kay Duggan*, School of Library and Information Studies
Melvin A. Eisenberg, Law
Lawrence Craig Evans, Mathematics
Maria Ekstrand, Public Health
Paula S. Fass, History
Charles Faulhaber, Spanish & Portuguese
Julia Haas Fawcett, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
Louise Fortmann, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Mark Goble, English
Lyubov Golburt*, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Erich Gruen, History
Sara Guyer, English (Dean of Arts and Humanities)
Donald Porter Hanna*, Economics; Spanish
Robert G. Harris*, Economics
Benjamin Hermalin, Economics (Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost)
Ralph Hexter, Classics and Comparative Literature
Joan Heifetz Hollinger, Law School
Jessica M. Hoover*, Haas School of Business
Larry Hyman, Linguistics
Paul Jansen*, Chemical Engineering
Martin Evan Jay, History
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks*, Sociology (Executive Dean of College of Letters and Science)
Steven Justice, English
Steven M. Kahn, Physics and Astronomy
Caroline Kane, Molecular and Cell Biology
Janet C. King**, Nutritional Science &Toxicology
Mimi Alma Ruth Koehl, Integrative Biology
Eileen Lacey, Integrative Biology (125th Anniversary Lecturer)
Thomas Laqueur**, History (125th Anniversary Lecturer)
Paul Licht, Integrative Biology
Donlyn Lyndon, Architecture
Donald J. Mastronarde, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
Susan Matisoff, East Asian Languages and Cultures
James A. Matisoff, Linguistics
Daniel F. Melia**, Rhetoric; Scandinavian and Celtic
Leonard Alan Merewitz, Economics and Haas School of Business
Cecilia Mo, Political Science
David C. Mowery, Haas School of Business
William W Nazaroff*, Physics
Charlan Nemeth, Psychology
Charlotte Nolan*, History
Mark Nicas, School of Public Health
Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe, English
Martha Olney, Economics
Saul Perlmutter**, Physics (125th Anniversary Lecturer)
Andrea Lenore Peterson, School of Law
Raka Ray**, Sociology (Dean of Social Sciences)
Michael Andrew Ranney, Education
Alan William Ritch*, Geography
Francesca Rochberg, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Marjorie Maguire Shultz, Berkeley Law
Dan Slobin, Psychology
Eleanor Stark, Lawrence Hall of Science
Elisa Tamarkin, English
Elaine Chiles Tennant, German
Sharon Tiller*, Comparative Literature
David Burnett Troxel, Health and Medical Sciences
Frederic Christian Tubach*, German
Mary Susan Ubbelohde, Architecture
David Vogel, Haas School and Political Science
Loy Elaine Volkman*, Plant and Microbial Biology
Astar Winoto*, Molecular Biology
Clare You*, Linguistics

RESEARCHERS/LIBRARIANS (* indicates a member inducted at Berkeley)

Peter Alpert*,  University and Jepson Herbaria
Peter Matthew Dodson*,  Psychology
Marian L. Gade,  Center for Studies in Higher Education
Dorothy D Gregor,  Library
Christopher R. Jackson*,  Institute of European Studies
Emily McKenzie, Anthropology
Thomas Richard Metcalf,  History
Terry Murray,  Haas School of Business
Barbara Needell,  Research Specialist
Gary Peete,  Library
George Scharffenberger,  Blum Center for Developing Economies
Marcy Whitebook*,  Religious Studies Major Independent Sociology

CURRENT GRADUATE STUDENTS (* indicates a member inducted at Berkeley)

Aliosha Bielenberg,  Rhetoric
Elizabeth Breen, Demography and Sociology
Denisse Cisneros*, Law
Susanna Faas-Bush,  Classics
Ryan Hayes,  Nuclear Engineering
Preston Kramer, Law
Kailai Lin,  Chemistry
Elliott Lee Masouredis*,  Political Science
Kai Schenck, Linguistics
Adriana Weiss*,  Law
Haley Williams,  Nuclear Engineering
Eli Wiston,  Astronomy
Yueran Zhang, Sociology
Vivien Jiaqian Zhu*,  Comparative Literature

STAFF/RETIRED STAFF (* indicates a member inducted at Berkeley)

Sally Jean Aberg
Amy Hornstein Appel,  Haas School of Business
Mark Baldassare*,  Sociology
Phyllis Bischof,  Political Science MA & School of Librarianship MLS
David Blackman,  Physics Department (1984-1994)
Hannah Bloom,  Molecular & Cell Biology
Gwynn Collins Akin Bowers,  Office of the President
Diane Bush,  School of Public Health
Caleb Choy*,  Molecular and Cell Biology
Michele Delattre,  Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (emerita)
Madeleine W. Fang,  Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Marilyn Graham,  CED
Rebecca Anne Green*,  Botany
Deanna Kiser-Go, Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
Nicole Cecile Kowalski*,  History
Kristen Leckie*,  Anthropology, Gender and Women’s Studies
Heidi A Long,  University Relations and Berkeley Art Museum, retired
Barbara Montano*,  English, Legal Studies
John Charles Nides*,  PENR in College of Natural Resources
Cherie Northon*,  Geography
Betsy Rate,  Journalism
Francesca A. Rizzardi,  Information Services & Technology
Joanne Sandstrom*,  English
Linnea Schaefer*,  QB3
Cynthia Schrager,  Retired
Philaine Amanda Seher*,  English
Carolyn Sell*,  Psychology
Eleanor Sirafinejad,  Environment, Health and Safety
Sabrina Soracco*, Graduate Division
Patricia Stevens*,  Sociology
Jay Stowsky*,  Haas School of Business
Nancy Casebolt Swearengen*,  Botanical Garden
Rebecca Garrison Tracy,  Housing/Student Services/Child Care-Early education
Linda von Hoene,  Graduate Division
Ruth Clark Wrentmore,  Earthquake Engineering Research Center, College of Engineering
Anders Yang*,  Economics

ALUMNI/ALUMNAE (inducted at Berkeley, unless noted with *, indicating a graduate degree alumnus/a inducted elsewhere)

Daniel S. Alegria, Comparative Literature
Jessica Alfaqih, English
Adele R. Amodeo*, School of Public Health
Jan Armstrong, Psychology
Damir Arnaut, Political Science
Laure Astourian, French, Film Studies (double major)
Mary Claire Baker, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies
Robin Lee Barrett, N/A
Leslie Bary, Comparative Literature
Erica Baum, Social Welfare
Robert Walter Baumhefner, Biochemistry
Charles Baxter, Political Economy of Industrial Societies
Joy Paganucci Bean, Art History
John Belcher, Economics
Norman Stephen, Besman, Letters and Sciences
Wendy Bianchini, Womens Studies
Demetrios A. Boutris, Economics
Charles Richard Bowers, College of Letters and Science
Stephen Andrew Brobst, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Gillian N. Brown, Political Science
Cora Ann Brownell, Art History 1973 and Art 1974
Craig Martin Buckwald, English
Garin John Burbank, History
Carole Carkeet Carlson, Journalism
Sonali Asit Chandmal, Economics (Letters & Science)
Suzanne Charle, English
Kaylie Chen, Letters & Science, Legal Studies
Michelle Chern, Political Science
Cheryl Cherney, Anthropology
Bruce B. Chin, College of Letters and Science
Kathleen E. Chin, Mathematics
Elisa B. Chiu, Social Science
Rachelle B. Chong, Political Science/Jounalism BS
Christine Chong, Legal Studies; Rhetoric
Ming Alice Chow, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Patricia Chui, English
Nanci Clarence, English
Robineve Adler Cole, Art History
Tweed Conrad, Classics
Karen,Croner, American Studies
Jacqueline Christine Crowle, History
Emma Cunningham, Political Science
Wendy Judith Cutler, Individual Major in Feminism
Kelvin J. A. Davies, Physiology
Karen Davis, CNR
Lucille Lang Day, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Deborah Dean, College of Letters & Science and CNR
Stephen F. Diamond, Development Studies
Laura Andrea Donald, History
Paul Ellington Downs, Sociology
Davina Carla Drachman Klein, Computer Science
Della Holmes Drummond, Psychology
Diane Eames French
Curtis Endow Physiology
Doris Renee Fine*, Sociology
Kenneth Robert Fineman, Business Administration
Julie Ann Fisher, Political Science
Douglas Marc Freedman, Molecular Biology
Craig Leroy Gertsch, Sociology
Nancy Anne Gilbert, M.D., Zoology
Namni Goel, Psychology
Howard Goldor, medicine
Ellen Jeanne Greenberg, Geography
Michael Mason Herbst, Biochemistry
Elizabeth L. Holbrook*, Chemistry
Dianne Elizabeth Howell, English
Roger L. Hudson, Criminology, School of Criminology
Natasha Huey, Interdisciplinary Studies
Lita, Jacoste, History
Bruce, Janigian, Poli Sci
Kevin Jew, Electrical Engineering
Karen Therese, Kahler, History
Edith M., Kaneshiro, Rhetoric
Meg Kellogg, French
Jeanne Kildow, Spanish and Portuguese
Mary Howell Kirk, Letters and Science
Iris Park Ko, Music | Molecular & Cell Biology
Walter Daniel Koenig*, Zoology
Tommy Korn, MD, Molecular & Cell Biology
Mary, Krueger, Linguistics
Rebecca Lee, Psychology
Nancy Silverman Limprecht, English
Beatriz Tornini Lituanio, Latin American Studies
Letitia Carper Long, Humanities
Carol Ann-Lin Lu, History
Brian G. M. Main, Economics
Shannon Malloy, Interdisciplinary Studies Field
Deirdre Marlowe, Religious Studies
Suzanne Michelle Marmion, English, Women’s Studies
Sophie Marrnette, French
David Matlof, Economics
Nanou Matteson, French
Lyla Ann May, Development Studies (IIS)
Kenneth McCandless, Anthropology
Kenneth Robert McKaye, Zoology
Denise Yvonne McVicar, Linguistics
Wendy L. Mednick, Spanish
Paige Midstokke, Political economy
Dianne Millner, Sociology
Kevin Rutley Mowll, Business Administration
Sopuruchukwu Nwachukwu*, Philosophy
Yee Jack Ng, Department of Physics
Roxanne Louise Nilan, History
James Charles Papp, Physics
Nancy Joan Perry, Psychology
Elizabeth H. Pisares, Individual Major — American Studies
Denise Poteat, Geography and Development Studies
Stuti Raizada, Physics, Mathematics
Barry Oren Rappaport, Economics
Leon Ren, Economics
Ronald Boyd Robie, Speech, Journalism
Nick Robins, Mathematics
Scott Robinson, Psychology
Andrew Gabriel Rodriguez, Letters & Science (Political Science)
Carol Ross-Burnett, Social Sciences
George Collins Ruben*, Chemistry
Stephanie Sala, Sociology and Religious Studies
Linda Smith Schermer, Food and Nutritional Science
Brian Schmidt, Biochemistry
Jason A. Schwartz, Mathematics
Adnan A. Shihab-Eldin, EE
Helen May Kozoriz Shoemaker, College of Liberal Arts – Fine Arts Major
Judith M. Siegel, Psychology
Shelley Simrin, Psychology
Margaret Gericke Slakey, Anthropology
Margaret Slakey, Anthro
John M. Slevin, Sociology
Matt Stahl, Mass Communication
Paul V. Stange, History
Stephen D. Steiner, Near East Studies
Sandy Silver Stutman, Psychology
Roger George Swearingen, English
Chinin Tana, Communications
Stephen Leslie Tarnoff, Art History
Lynn K Telford, Sociology
Brandon Thomas, Haas School of Business
Carolyn Louise Tipton, Comparative Literature
Deidrie Beau Towery, English
William Tramposch, English
Ty Luan Ming Tran, M.D., Anthropology – College of Letters & Scienc
Zian Huan Tseng, Molecular and Cell Biology
Sean David Unger, Political Science
Ashray Sameer Urs, Bioengineering
Heinrich Von Kesseler, Oriental Languages and D.I.G.S. Humanities
Barbara O’Brien Wagstaff, English
David Carl Williams, Political Science
Barbara A. Wood, College of Agricultural Sciences (Rausser CNR)
Zoe Woodcraft, English
Paul Wright, History (Medieval Studies)
Andrew Yu, Computer Science
Ami Zusman*, Education (Higher Education Policy)