Criteria for Transfer Students

GPA of at least 3.88  for those graduating after December 2021

A transfer student may become eligible for membership:

  • At the end of the first semester of your senior year when you’ve completed a minimum of 95 total units and when you’ve completed at least 36 units at Berkeley, including the L&S 7-Course Breadth Requirement or IGETC/UC Reciprocity requirements.
  • When you’ve completed at least 75 Letters & Science units at Cal and other institutions.
    • 45 of these L&S units must be letter-graded. At least 36 of the 45 letter-graded L&S units must be earned at Cal. The remainder (9 or fewer) may be earned at other institutions. (Note: for summer 2020 and spring 2021 invitations,  the number of graded units for transfer will be reduced from 36 to 22.)

To learn more about the L&S 7-Course Breadth Requirement, please visit

If you would like us to review your transcripts, please submit them to us along with the following form on the main Eligibility page.