The selection process for invitation of juniors occurs once per year. Invitations are sent in March to those who qualify based on their record through the previous fall semester.

Up to 50 juniors are elected. Standards are more stringent than for seniors.

Criteria for Juniors

  1. Completion of first semester of junior status, with no more than 90 units earned.(Completion of first semester of junior status is to be interpreted as the completion of one’s fifth semester, or the intention to graduate in the following academic year).
  1. Minimum GPA varies from year to year, depending on the pool, but is usually well above 3.90.
  1. Minimum letter-graded units in L&S courses taken at Cal: 65.
    L&S courses include both those offered by departments in L&S and approved courses offered by non-L&S departments that satisfy the L&S Seven-Course Breadth Requirement.                                                                                                                           Special temporary provision for courses taken in Spring 2020: for students enrolled in Spring 2020, the 65 graded units at Cal is reduced by the number of units in academic courses taken P/NP during Spring 2020. Example: if a student took 12 units of L&S courses on a P/NP basis in Spring 2020, the 65 minimum is reduced by 12 to 53.
  1. Completion of the L&S 7-Course Breadth Requirement. The Foreign Language Requirement should also be satisfied.

To learn more about the L&S 7-Course Breadth Requirement, please visit

To determine the eligibility of a course offered outside of L&S, use the search function of the Berkeley Academic Guide ( using the filter for Breadth Requirements.