Fellowship Winners 2021

UC Berkeley Alpha of California

Greyson Abid, Philosophy

Mary Mussman, Comparative Literature

Talia Prussin, Ancient History & Mediterranean Archaeology

ΦBK Northern California Association

Gil Breger, Near Eastern Studies

Jonathan Andrew Lear, History

Claire Harmange Magnani, Chemistry

Joseph Passman, History

Kit Pribble, Slavic Languages & Literature

Fellowship Winners 2020

UC Berkeley Alpha of California

Carmen Brick, Sociology

David Delano, History

Juliana Friend, Anthropology

ΦBK Northern California Association

Dominick Lawton, Slavic Languages & Literatures

Matthew Libassi, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Fellowship Winners 2019

UC Berkeley Alpha of California

Katherine Bruhn, Southeast Asian Studies

Kimberly Killion, History

ΦBK Northern California Association

Keru Cai, Comparative Literature

Natalia Duong, Performance Studies

Emma Steigerwald, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Gloria Yu, History

Fellowship Winners 2018

UC Berkeley Alpha of California

Alicia Roy, German

Daniel Valella, English

ΦBK Northern California Association

William Callison, Political Science

Marie Hartono, History

Adam Lichtenheld, Political Science

Kevin Moch, Classics

Jeremy Nowak, Chemistry

Kerry  Shannon, History

Kathryn Wilsteran, Integrative Biology

Fellowship Winners 2017

UC Berkeley Alpha of California

Eric Driscoll,  Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

Rachel Kjolby, Molecular & Cell Biology

Katherine Klymko, Chemistry

ΦBK Northern California Association

Joseph Albernaz. English

Joseph Kellner, History

Jason Klocek, Political Science

Elizabeth Thelan, History

Fellowship Winners 2016

UC Berkeley Alpha of California

Melissa Cradic, Ancient History and Mediterranean Studies

Esther Yu, English

ΦBK Northern California Association

Jesse Cordes Selbin, English

Jacob Habinek, Sociology

Jasmine Mote, Psychology

We are very grateful to all those who have generously contributed to our Fellowship Program, and to the PBK NCA for their support of our students.

Fellowship Winners 2015

UC Berkeley Alpha of California Winners

Charity C. Ketz, English

Elise A. Piazza, Vision Science

ΦBK Northern California Association Winners

Rebecca Elliott, Sociology

Derin McLeod, Classics

Elise M. Stickles, Linguistics

Fellowship Winners 2014

UC Berkeley Alpha of California Winners

Kathryn M. Fleishman, English

Ianna H. Owen, African Diaspora Studies

ΦBK Northern California Association Winners

Emily S. Cibelli, Linguistics

Melissa V. Eitzel, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Serena T. A. Le, English

Christopher P. Miller,  English

Sarah M. Selvidge, History

Fellowship Winners 2013

UC Berkeley Alpha of California Winners

Nicholas W. Baer, Film & Media

Matthew W. Goodheart, Music Composition

Northern California Association Winners

Abigail L. Andrews, Sociology

Carrie A. Cizauskas, Environmental Science, Policy, & Management

Rachel N. Denison, Neuroscience

Alison M. Weiss, History

Fellowship Abstracts

Abigail L. AndrewsSociology

“Negotiating Capitalism, Community, and Gender: Power and Agency in Two Streams of Mexican Migration”

Abigail is studying two streams of Mexican migration to the United States from Southern Mexico, 1980s to the present. Her dissertation helps explain why migrant communities–as well as those “left behind”–are not all of a kind. Her two-year comparative historical study of two transnational Mexican migrant communities from Oaxaca to Southern California shows the different paths taken by the “Temporo” and the “Permano” migrants. The latter became service workers in large urban centers like Los Angeles, settling permanently in California and calling it their “second homeland.” In contrast, the “Temporo” migrants circled in and out of rural farm work, remaining temporary, on the fringes of U.S. society and tied economically to Mexico. She argues that political institutions in Mexico and the United States play key roles in shaping the different paths of these communities, “pulling” and “pushing” in very different ways.

One of her recent publications is “The Quiet Insubordination of Staying Home: Rethinking Women Who ‘Stay Behind.'” In it she shows how staying home, though it is often perceived as passive, can be a strategy “to defy both exploitation and male domination. Even when they do not migrate, women shape migration, both to their benefit and, unintentionally, to their detriment.”

Her professors note that “her graduate school record is stunning” and that her dissertation is “pathbreaking” and “both ambitious and original.”

Carrie A. CizauskasEnvironmental Science, Policy, & Management

“The Ecology of Anthrax and Coinfection Trade-offs From an Immunological Perspective: Seasonal Aspects of Host Susceptibility”

Carrie is studying anthrax and coinfection trade-offs from an immunological perspective, specifically examining the seasonal aspects of host susceptibility. Most immunological studies in wildlife have focused on “using immunology as a tool to measure the prevalence of disease rather than as a means toward understanding the mechanisms of disease in wildlife.” Carrie’s research involves “the first longitudinal study simultaneously examining coinfections, seasonality, and complex immunity in wildlife hosts.” “Despite anthrax being an ancient disease found worldwide that threatens human and animal health, biodiversity, economics, and agricultural security, very little is understood about its ecology.”

In addition to her research, Carrie has also been teaching and mentoring students. She is teaching her eighth semester at Cal and is directly and closely mentoring sixteen of her own students as they complete a year-long senior research project in their environmental sciences major. She obtained her California veterinary license in 2005. Her other interests include “fine art photography, drawing, road and cyclocross bicycling, long-distance running, hiking with dogs, reading, raising a toddler, and doing toddler-related laundry.”

Rachel N. DenisonNeuroscience

“Parallel and Competitive Processes in Low-Level Vision and Their Impact on Awareness”

Rachel is studying “the parallel and competitive processes in low-level vision and their impact on awareness.” As she noted in her application, “We can distinguish friends from strangers, a car coming toward us from a car driving away from us, and a green banana from an overripe one just by looking.” Her research aims to explain how we can see such a huge variety of visual features literally in the blink of an eye.

A key neural strategy for such real-time vision is parallel processing. Although different areas of the brain process visual information separately, we somehow  perceive that information as a unified experience. Her work has “suggested new ways of understanding and measuring parallel information processing in the brain and its integration in perception.”

In a concluding paragraph she wrote: “I am a neuroscientist because I am compelled by the power of experimental inquiry and analytical tools to make progress in understanding–essentially–ourselves. . . . As an investigator of the mind, I have much in common with my actor parents and English-major college roommates. Though the forms of our answers may differ, all of us ask, What is our experience like, and why.”

Her professors note that she has “outstanding research abilities and scientific curiosity” as well as “fearlessness in tackling extremely challenging research problems.” “She is also a very talented scientific writer . . . innovative, meticulous, and creative.”

Alison M. WeissHistory

“A Crisis of White Femininity: The Romanticization of the Female Racial ‘Other” in Antebellum America, 1820 – 1860”

Alison is studying nineteenth-century race relations. The classic narrative about this period says that race relations were “characterized by an almost universal abhorrence of miscegenation.” Her dissertation, in which she “intends to complicate this notion,” shifts between historical narrative and analysis. “Much of it involves the stories of real and imaginary people, retrieved from sources such as antebellum travelogues, diaries, letters, and fiction.” These sources show how the southern sexual double standard was supported by the twin pillars of racism and sexism.

Alison has had extensive teaching experience, from middle-school to university-level. As a pedagogy instructor, she participated in focus groups and panels about teaching in the humanities for Berkeley’s Graduate Student Instructor conferences. Personally, she does not consider computer or printer problems to be “personal emergencies” that make it impossible to meet deadlines.

According to her professors, Alison is “one of those exceptional students who have it all: She is extremely smart, knows how to use her time consummately well, and has the drive to bring it all home in a dazzling career.”

Fellowship Awards 2012

U.C. Berkeley Chapter: Sonal Singhal, Biology; Sean Curran, History & Literature of Music

Northern California Association: Rebecca Grove Munson, English; Elizabeth Boatman, Materials Science & Engineering

Fellowship Awards, 2011

U.C. Berkeley Chapter: Jason Steven Purcell, Political Science & International Relations; Batya Ungar-Sargon, English

Northern California Association: May deVries, Integrativd Biology; Michael James Levien, Sociology

Fellowship Awards, 2010

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  Jennifer Gipson, French; Rebekah Linh Collins, Southeast Asian Studies

Northern California Association:  Harold Mayi Haggard, Physics;  Alexis Peri, History

Fellowship Awards, 2009

U.C. Berkeley Chapter: Marques Jerard Redd, English; Colin Dingler, Rhetoric

Northern California Association:  Jordan Luc Gans-Morse, Political Science; Emily Christine Jacobs, Neuroscience

Fellowship Awards, 2008

U.C. Berkeley Chapter: Matthew Christopher Brandley, Integrative Biology; Margaret Inkpen Ronda, English; Melissa Fabros, English; Amanda Lee Hollis-Brusky, Political Science

Northern California Association:  Matthew Kenji Fujita, Integrative Biology; Elizabeth Anne McGuire, History; Jessica Mai Walter, Physics; Leslie Kim Wang, Sociology

Fellowship Awards, 2007

U.C. Berkeley Chapter: Taylor Chase Boas, Political Science; Anne Pycha, Linguistics; Rebecca Anne Lave, Geography

Northern California Association:  Tasha Fairfield, Political Science; Natasha Hausmann, Integrative Biology; Christopher S. Weinberger, English and Japanese

Fellowship Awards, 2006

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  Justin Notestein McClelen, Chemical Engineering; Joseph Howard Ring, English; Elana Ripps Shever, Anthropology; Joel Solomon Yurdin, Philosophy

Northern California Association:  Arthur Bahr, English; Talissa Jane Ford, English; Eleanor Bayne Johnson, English and Medieval Studies; Darius Parke Ornston, Political Science

Fellowship Awards, 2005

U.C. Berkeley  Chapter: Benjamin Richard Gardener, Geography; Ivan Andree Ascher, Rhetoric; Naazneen H. Barma, Political Science; Sarah Elizabeth Reed, Environmental Science, Policy and Management;  Joel Tyler Nickels, English

Northern California Association: Laura D. Steele, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology; Catherine Marie Becker, History of Art; Ayelet Ben-Yishai, Comparative Literature; Mary Elizabeth Paster, Anthropology and Linguistics; and Laura Hubbard, Anthropology

Fellowship Awards, 2004

U.C. BerkeleyChapter:  Maria Teresa Agozzino, Folklore and Celtic Studies; Jason Delborne, Environmental Science, Policy and Management; Lee Lynn, Chemistry; Thomas Medvetz, Sociology; Jennifer Scappettone, English; Karen Zumhagen, Comparative Literature

Northern California Association: Eleonory Gilburd, History; Lital Levy, Comparative Literature; Ellen Samuels, English

Fellowship Awards, 2003

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  Maren Songmy Aukerman, Education; Elizabeth Paulette Baughan, Classical Archaeology; Suzie Asha Park, English; and Irene Perciali, Comparative Literature

Northern California Association: Jorge Jose Bravo III, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology; Arianne Jessica Chernock, History; Hsuan Lin Hsu, English Language and  Literature; Selby Wynn Schwartz, Comparative Literature and Medieval Studies; Boris Yanislav Wolfson, Slavic Language and Literature

Fellowship Awards, 2002

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  John Abromeit, Philosophy; Ivana Alexandrova, Statistics; Deanna Kiser, Near Eastern Studies; Lenore Kitts, Comparative Literature; Brian McCook, History and German; Holly Watkins, Music

Northern California Association: Amy E. Freund, History of Art; Susannah Palitz, Psychology

Fellowship Awards, 2001

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  Gia Kim, English; Heather Madari, History of Art; Nicole Maestas, Economics; Peter Schmelz, Music; Justin Suran, History and Rhetoric; Sarah Trainor, Energy and  Resources

Northern California Association: Jill Letitia Grenier, Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Fellowship Awards, 2000

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  Zygmunt Ronald Bialkowski III, History; Elizabeth Ann Gessel, History; Beth Ellen Levy, Musicology; Catherine Mitchell, English; John Randolph Williams, History

Northern California Associations: Julia Teresa Anderson, Comparative Literature; Jessica Green, Nuclear Engineering; Jeffrey Aaron Karlsen, Slavic Languages and Literature; Natasha Schull, Anthropology; Anna Wertz, History

Fellowship Awards, 1999

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  John Elliott Barnes, Political Science; Elizabeth Bernstein, Sociology; Samuel Aaron Moyn, History; Travis Dean Williams, English; Marnin Young, History of Art; Susan Marjorie Zieger, English

Northern California Association:  Helen Fox, Integrative Biology; Eric Klinenberg, Sociology; Scott Tang, History; Tony Wong, Astronomy

Fellowship Awards, 1998

U.C. BerkeleyChapter:  Sylvia Brandt, Economics; Margaret Perrow, Education; Jason Bridges, Philosophy; Jeff Porter Fort, Comparative Literature; Julie Goldberg, Psychology; and Andrea Zemgulys, English

Northern California Association: Faith P. Barrett, Comparative Literature; Karen D. Chapple, Urban Planning; Carolyn E. Chen, Sociology; Eric J. Gawiser, Physics; Deborah G. Goldman, Mathematics; Laurie Schaffner, Sociology

Fellowship Awards, 1997

U.C. Berkeley Chapter:  Jacqueline Carr Frobose, History; Rachel Adele Morello-Frosh, Environmental Health Sciences, Joanna Magali Picciotto, English; Helen Marie Sillett, History; Carolyn Rachel Trist, Geography

Northern California Association: Matthew Baerman, Slavic Languages and Literature; Danielle Marie Lussier, Music; John Wyatt Randolph Jr, History; Daniel Kenneth Rolde, History; Linda Kay Sawyer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fellowship Awards, 1996

U.C. BerkeleyChapter  Paul Robert Brown, Mathematics; Caroline Helen Cox, History; John Eric Oliver, Political Science; Henry A. Span, Political Science; Ilya Vinkovetsky, History

Northern California Association: Susan Christianne Courtney, Rhetoric; Mark Allyn Holman, History; Scot Daniel Medbury, Environmental Science; Michael Lawrence Witmore, Rhetoric