After Joining

Now you’re a member! What happens next?

After the Berkeley chapter has validated your membership, you will receive an email with membership material.  The email and attachments will include:

– Welcome letter
– Member handbook
and information about how to order cords, stoles, and keys from “The Key Collection” (Hand & Hammer)

Please also see the following materials from the ΦBK Northern California Association (

– PBK NCA Welcome Letter
– PBK NCA Nomination Form

If you are interested in ordering a key and/or graduation cords and stoles, please visit the H&H website: Shipping may take up to three weeks (but may be quicker), so plan accordingly. They will confirm your membership before completing any orders.

In late April, you will receive more information about the initiation ceremony. Please keep our chapter updated with any mailing and e-mail address changes! Just e-mail Berkeley e-mail addresses expire after graduation, so it is better to register with a non-Berkeley address.Announcements and other information will be posted on this website and

ΦBK Recognition at Graduation

We ask for your major(s) and month and year of graduation so that you may be recognized as a ΦBK member at your commencement ceremony. Members are recognized at both winter and spring ceremonies. For spring, members are recognized at department ceremonies but not the university-wide ceremony. Some departments do not recognize ΦBK members, and this is at their own discretion. It is your responsibility to inform us of your major(s) so that we can send your name to the correct department(s). Please note that if you join ΦBK less than three weeks before your commencement, you might not be recognized (due to department deadlines). If your commencement date changes (for example, from May to December), it is your responsibility to let us know. Just e-mail

ΦBK on Your Resume

Once you are an official member, you are welcome to list your ΦBK membership on your resume and applications. If you need to provide contact information, simply list our Chapter’s e-mail address ( and/or phone number ((510) 642-1912). If you would like to have a document that verifies your membership, just e-mail

Membership Account at

When you register online to become a member, you will be assigned a membership ID and receive log-in details for your membership account.  If you don’t know your membership ID, please e-mail The Berkeley chapter does not have records of membership IDs.