Becoming a Member

Are you interested in becoming a Phi Beta Kappa member?

Eligible students are identified from a listing of possible candidates supplied by the Office of the Registrar. The selection process occurs twice per year, in February/March (based on transcripts that include the final grades for the previous fall semester) and in June/July (based on transcripts that include the final grades for the previous spring semester). Invitations are sent via email during spring (February/March) and summer (June/July).  E-mail invitations are usually sent to the email address you have provided to the university. Upon invitation, the student will receive instructions on how to become a member.

The algorithm by which the list of possible candidates is produced cannot catch every possible case of eligibility. If you believe you are eligible but have not received an invitation, please review carefully the Eligibility Criteria. If you still believe you are eligible, submit your Academic Progress Report (not Academic Summary), if you still have access to CalCentral to produce it, and your Berkeley transcript and your transcript from any college from which you transferred units.

Once you have received a letter of invitation to join Phi Beta Kappa, please follow the instructions to register as a member. If you receive an invitation but do not join, you are not a member.

Please note:  Upon invitation to join Phi Beta Kappa, there is a one-time fee that covers lifetime membership in the local chapter and the national Phi Beta Kappa organization. The chapter has some funds to provide a fee waiver to invitees for whom the initiation fee would be a significant financial hardship. Contact the office for more information.